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We highly recommend Colin and his amazing treatment method!  Our son, aged 21, suffered from post-concussion syndrome (7 concussions over 6 years), chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, as well as the issues that accompany Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. He was unable to work full-time, had to quit playing competitive basketball, and could barely get out of bed for months.  We sought help from various practitioners over 2+ years:  family doctor, 3 chiropractors, 2 physio therapists, 3 naturopaths; as well as numerous tests:  frequent blood work, MRI, brain scans, x-rays, and colonoscopy. Not to mention the expense!  We decided to pursue treatment with Colin as we really had nothing to lose - if only we had found him at the beginning of this journey.  Our son traveled from out of province and had 5 consecutive daily appointments with Colin.  After the first treatment he called to say that he felt like a new person!  He visited Deep Cove that afternoon and completed the Quarry Rock hike - 6 months earlier he couldn't get out of bed! The amazing results continued throughout the week and our son returned home with a new outlook on life.  He continues to be pain-free after workouts, has returned to work, and smiles all the time.  Colin - thank you!  You gave us our son back.


As I start to write this review, the words that come to mind are 'deep gratitude'.   I started seeing Colin for post concussion syndrome after months of ineffective traditional treatments and despair. After the first appointment (yes, the first!) I knew something had significantly shifted and after 3 sessions my symptoms were virtually gone.  We then moved on to other old injuries with similar success, and I  referred my husband for his many past sports injuries and concussions.  In a matter of months Colin literally enabled both of us to start living again.  I particularly valued the explanations he offers during treatment about what he is doing and why, about the root causes, the mind/body connection, etc.   I am in my late 50's and after seeing dozens of health professionals over my active life, I cant think of anyone who comes close to Colin for  his integrity, skill/knowledge, and for simply being such a genuinely lovely person.  There is really no one else like him. Thank you Colin!


Can't say enough about the treatment and time and care I received from Colin. Our 12 year old son started going first and he experienced a huge difference in his injury pain, overall well being, so I had to go. Completely mind blowing experience, that I still can't explain to this day, but it's true - you go through almost a cleanse of joints/muscles/body experience. I used to live with constant hamstring pain and tense shoulders and haven't felt either in almost 2 weeks. Colin is also such a bright, incredible human who really takes the time to get to know your situation and customize his service to help you completely. Thank you, Colin and I can't stop talking about it all.


I first went to see Colin about 5 years ago, when I had chronic running injuries and back pain that sidelined me for years. I sought medical and paramedical treatments without success, but after a few sessions with Colin, I was able to start running well again.  I have gone back to Colin about once a year for fine tuning, and throughout that time his techniques have evolved. Colin is extremely knowledgeable in both science-based and traditional healing techniques. Although I have a science and healthcare background, I have little understanding of the mechanism of action behind his techniques; however, the results are proof for me that sensorimotor repatterning addresses the root cause of overuse injuries in runners. I have not had any recurrence of prior issues and am now able to run long distances daily. There are no other practitioners in Ottawa with Colin's knowledge, so our loss is Vancouver's gain.


After trying just about everything over the course of 18 years, someone recommended Colin to me. Having nothing to lose, I gave it a try. It was the single most fortunate thing I ever did for my recovery. I can only speak to tbi and whiplash pain, but I could not imagine not trying a few sessions with Colin. He's not just a fantastic practitioner, but he's also a wonderful human. My life has completely changed for the better since going down this route.


Colin has been MORE THAN AMAZING to me and has done MIRACLES on me! I had a very very rare brainstem stroke at 35 in June, was in the hospital/rehab for almost 6 months and I've almost been out 18 months and I've been seeing him EVERY WEEK since being out! I started in a wheelchair then 6 months later a walker, then walking! His work has DONE MIRACLES ON ME!!!! As soon as I miss a week it's been torture on my body! My nerves have so much work to do. There's no way I would be as advanced as I am without him! It's gonna be hard that he's moving to Vancouver but you guys are very lucky cause the work he's figured out us truly amazing! Plus his personality is really great!!! 5 stars for sure!!!!


I had broken my leg, which required surgery and months with no weight bearing (which meant I then had to relearn how to walk.)  I eventually 'graduated' from physio as daily activity was back to normal.  Once I returned to sports though (like curling) I faced new physical challenges that I pushed through with a lot of exercises and practicing.  I thought I was 're-training' my muscles, but I now realize having met Colin, that my mind is an unreliable narrator - my own nervous system was still protecting me from injury, by not engaging my muscles.  His knowledge of how the whole system works is impressive, and even better, is his ability to reset it.  A pain in my opposite knee disappeared in the first session and hasn't returned.  And after the second session, my coordination feels smooth and I occasionally realize that I'm no longer thinking about my leg at all.  Highly recommend SMR!


Best therapy I have tried for brain injury symptoms. If you're struggling with TBI, acquired brain injury, or post concussion symptoms, please go see Colin at VAN SMR. He will help you.


Colin is amazing. I have been suffering issues related to an MVA in my upper back for so long. In addition I was diagnosed with carpal and Cubital tunnel on both arms. I saw him for just 3 appointments earlier in November and so far I feel complete relief. Thank you, Colin.


Colin is amazing. When you first see him please keep an open mind. His method seems a bit odd but trust in the process. I had chronic shoulder pain & left hip pain. After my initial treatments the shoulder pain has not come back, it’s been 2 years. My hip pain did return but due to the nature of his treatments we deduced that it was not a muscle issue but a subconscious grief issue which was fixed after his adjustment and a trip to a psychotherapist at his recommendation. Not only has he fixed my physical issues he helped me find a new place of peace I didn’t know I needed. I’m forever grateful for Colin & sad he moved away!
12/10 would recommend to anyone.


I have been seeing Colin for lingering concussion symptoms as well as chronic pain from old injuries. Colin treats the nervous system in a way I have never experienced. He is absolutely brilliant, methodical and effective and is also professional and friendly. Colin is constantly working on improving his "tool kit" and is passionate about finding new ways to practice. He's well versed in the mind body connection and applies this in his treatment. It's hard to describe what he does but I strongly recommend you go with an open mind and give his treatment a try. You won't be disappointed. My quality of life has improved and I'm forever grateful to Colin for that. Ottawa is losing a skilled practitioner who will be missed.


I first visited Colin after my recovery from hip replacement surgery faltered. Through his incredible knowledge of neuro-muscular systems he got my recovery back on track and also dealt with the lingering effects of multiple injuries which had occured during many years of active participation in high level amateur athletics.
He knows the science, he knows atheletes and he is also one of the nicest health professionals that you will ever meet.
I highly recommend Colin and the services that he provides.


Colin is dedicated and truly cares about people's health. I saw him several times and if you have a serious condition, consider a consultation with him. I had very little strength in my left arm due to an injury and by the end of the session I was visibly stronger. If it wasn't me, I wouldn't have believed it.


I saw Colin several months after a head injury.  While I had been going to chiro, physio, and massage for months, I was still experiencing symptoms that were greatly impacting my day-to-day life.  After only 3 visits with Colin I noticed significant improvement, and after a few more I was almost fully back to my pre-injury self.  Colin managed to find and fix issues caused by the concussion, as well as previous traumas, that would have been almost impossible for me to find and fix on my own. His kindness, compassion, and willingness to adapt his practice to suit the patient and their unique issues were evident in every visit.  I’m very grateful for Colin’s treatment and am quite confident that without SMR I wouldn’t be fully recovered like I am now. I highly recommend Colin and SMR!


Colin is a kind, compassionate and gentle soul who is also brilliant and very dedicated to his work and his clients. I highly recommend seeing Colin for any type of pain issues or hard to heal injuries. I went to Colin after 2+ years of physio, massage therapy, pain medication, and other forms of therapy for back and shoulder injuries that weren't responding well to  treatment. In fact, the pain was still often severe and keeping me awake at night. With just four therapy sessions with Colin I noticed about a 60-70 percent reduction in my pain levels and considerable improvement with my mobility, and consequently, my sleep has greatly improved, as well. Thank you, Colin - you're amazing!


Colin and his passionate knowledge of SMR therapy will be missed in Ottawa. - Vancouver is so fortunate to be gaining his talent and expertise.  He is such a genuine, and authentic human being.  He explains everything along the way during each session, and his treatments work.  I was referred to Colin in 2017 and have been referring people I know since then.


Vancouver you are gaining a jewel in the health care community! A friend passed my Colin’s name about a month ago and grateful I’m able to see him before gets whisked out West. Very passionate about his subject matter and curious and determined to help patients achieve a better quality of life. He’s taken some extra time with me when necessary and without me disclosing past injuries / traumas, he was able to uncover and to begin treating them. I can’t say enough and wish I had found him sooner. 🙏🏽 Thanks Colin and all the best in your new home.


If you tried everything for pain please try him anyways. You won’t regret it. Amazing how our bodies create patterns from past injuries and emotional traumas. And how easy and quick they get released with the right treatment. Trust Colin, it’s something different. In a good way. :)

Synergie Clinique

As a health practitioner, I only refer my clients to top professionals. Everytime we sent someone to Colin they came back happy and only had great things to say. He is amazingly knowledgeable and caring. All our staff has been patient of Ottawa SMR as well!


I can honestly say that Colin has completely changed my life, and the way I think about chronic pain and illness. If you're struggling with chronic pain or TBI, I highly recommend giving him a visit. I'm so glad I found him.


I turned to Colin a number of times over the years for recovery and rehabilitation from various injuries and conditions and, beyond that, for finetuning and optimization. I can note that not only does he finetune and optimize the bodies he works on, Colin tunes and optimizes his own methods in a process of exploration and evolution. I think of him as a healer--someone whose approach and presence both includes and transcends specific skills and methods. Ottawa's loss is Vancouver's gain.


I have waited a long time before writing a review simply because I felt there is nothing I can write that would come close to doing justice to Colin’s work. But in all fairness to him, I thought I should still try. So speaking from my own experience, he has resolved quickly and permanently all of the pains, acute or chronic injuries I had, no matter the cause or physical manifestation, and no matter how old or recent. He has discovered how to tap into the body’s own healing potential, which is fascinating. And just when you think there is nothing he can’t fix, you find out he only keeps getting better and better at what he does. I highly recommend him.


I went to see Colin after hip and back pain was preventing me from running and slowing me down on my road bike. Within a few days after the first treatment my hips and back just felt solid and all pain was gone.
After 3 treatments I am back running breaking personal records and biking faster as well. No pain or soreness at all.
If you are an athlete that has hit a plateau due to pain, do yourself a favour and go see Colin.!


I first went to see Colin hoping that maybe he could help break the painful patterns that my body seemed to be stocked into. I have been going to the osteopath for years, and every time she would treat me, it wouldn't last. I didn't really know what he was doing, but I thought it could only help... Well, turns out it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. After the first appointment, I had a perfect balance, half of the movements that were causing pain were not painful anymore, moving was easy, I felt stable and strong. After the second appointment, the contrast wasn't as spectacular, but then I went rock climbing with my brother for an hour and a half... And I spent an hour and a half crying of relief and joy because I was able to climb again, easily and without pain. I never knew how important being able to move was to me before I got my mobility back. I even got back things I didn't even think were possible to get back! Because of Colin, I was able to start dancing again and I got my first pair of pointe shoes this year. His method goes beyond sports and even helped me with drawing! This man gave me back my body. I recommend him to everyone, it has been a truly life-changing experience.


I've had issues with my back off and on for the last 25 years. For the last year, I've had constant pain where I couldn't sit or drive for long periods of time. After 3 sessions with Colin, my back is better. I can sit, drive, play golf and back to exercising without any pain


Colin is extremely knowledgeable and very invested in improving his patients’ health. His methods are amazing and you won’t believe what is happening as he works with you—as another reviewer said, it is mind-blowing for sure! So fascinating how the brain and body movements work! Colin is able to eliminate or at least greatly reduce pain and he can help you return to optimal movement patterns and strength. I feel stronger in my movements and more balanced in my strength. Thanks a million, Colin, for listening to me and helping me!


Although the methods differ substantially from traditional massage therapy, they are well thought-out and well-founded in the science of the human nervous system. The results that were achieved in 3 sessions of therapy are excellent. I was made aware of movements that I routinely made that were detrimental to my well-being.


Colin's SensoriMoter Repatterning therapy has changed my life.  I have recommended him to my friends and family which has also changed their lives. Thank you Colin for giving me the quality of life I have always hoped for and now live.


I went to see Colin about my migraines which I was having for 3-5 days, two weeks apart. After 3 SMR sessions with Colin, I have been migraine free for more than 7 weeks now. Thanks, Colin!


Colin has been able to quickly identify and resolve numerous neuromuscular challenges I've been dealing with for years - in just a few sessions. Hip flexor pain, back pain, and more - gone!

And on top of that, he's a nice guy! Can't recommend him highly enough!


Four and a half years ago I had a knot of pain in my neck. I saw a chiropractor instead of taking Advil and Tylenol every day until I realized I had been doing that once a month for 4 1/2 years.


 I mentioned to a friend I was seeking another solution.  3 visits later the knot of pain is gone.  Perhaps from 3 neck injuries and concussions 30 years ago!  I still am so relieved the pain is gone, and grateful to Colin for figuring this art of neural pathways out!


I brought my daughter for post-concussion appointments too. I have been recommending Colin ever since.


This therapy is not part of people’s general knowledge;  do not let that prevent you from trying it.


When I think of the thousands of people on painkillers and with the lower quality of life because of chronic pain, I wish they would try SMR! Very nice treatment room in Westboro, very professional office.


Colin helped me return to running pain-free, no medication, no need for endless chiropractor sessions. He identified the root cause and helped me heal for good. My husband and a friend went to see him, and their experience was as good as mine. Thank you.


I was skeptical about trying SMR, but after just a few minutes into my first visit with Colin, I knew SMR works! I suffered from neck and shoulder tightness and pain, dysfunctional core, glutes, lats, and diaphragm. Colin fixed all these issues in six sessions and I can honestly say that I feel stronger than I've ever felt in my life!


Colin at Ottawa SMR has helped so many members of Team Triumph Triathlon Club come back to the sport they really enjoy! I love referring clients there because I know they will come back stronger.


You laughed after I asked if there was some kind of shock therapy that could essentially reset the “motor skills” center of my brain...though you essentially found a way to do just that. I find myself writing this testimonial 3 days following my 2nd treatment. I am starting to piece and experience this science…new neural thread connections…compromised muscles that had turned off are now working with the others… This is really the source of the problem, and I’m responding very well. Thank you Colin!


I'm a ballroom dancer with a bunion - as welcome as a skunk at a picnic! Colin was modest when I asked him if NKT could ease the pain.  He needn't have been.  After the first visit, the pain was reduced by 85-90% and more after the second and third visits. 

I have just danced for two nights in a row with no pain.  And to think that I had once wondered if surgery was the answer.  Happy feet, happy me!


In just a few visits Colin was able to identify and fix a variety of triggers that were turning off specific muscles throughout my body. These issues were previously unidentified through any other means, and the fix for each was just a few days of simple, non-strenuous targeted "exercises". I found this process highly beneficial even though I did not have a specific injury as it really "tuned up" my central nervous system to function correctly. In my case, I have noticed an improvement in my running endurance and less pain after a run, presumably because specific muscles are not getting "turned off" which was causing compensations and a sluggish feeling.


It is difficult to adequately convey the extent to which Colin - with his Sensorimotor "magic" - has helped me overcome some extremely long-standing, chronic issues. Colin's SMR testing process revealed quite a number of inhibited muscles in several different areas, and the treatment he provided in combination with the very specific exercises he prescribed brought me, in a very short amount time (compared to the years that I have undergone various other treatments and spent on rehabilitative exercises), back to a state in which I have no longer been over-compensating and shredding smaller muscles that had for years been taking the load for larger, non-firing muscles. After years of trying and failing to get back to some running, it finally looks as though I may be able to do so. I have absolutely no hesitation in referring Colin to anyone seeking to address any chronic pain issues. Thank you Colin!


I saw Colin about a 2-year-old shoulder injury I sustained crashing my bike.  I'd been to several different practitioners from Chiro, massage, and physio.  Colin healed my shoulder once and for all.  My body moves better and faster.  I have achieved several personal best triathlon race times since seeing Colin.  I highly recommend him.


I thought I had tried everything (chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapists, acupuncture, ART, yoga)  I could to "fix" some old and newer lingering injuries when I stumbled across Colin Liggett, a massage therapist trained in neurokinetic therapy. After only a few minutes, I thought Colin was a magician. It's like he is playing tricks with your brain and it is simply mind-blowing. I have been going to 3 sessions so far and can tell that I'm already feeling better and stronger. You will be amazed by the techniques used and what he can do for you.


Over the years, I have been treated by many RMT’s.  I can say unequivocally that Colin Liggett is the best that has ever treated me. In addition to being an excellent practitioner from a technical perspective, Colin is a very good listener, and asks the right questions to get to the root of your issue to ensure he is treating exactly what needs to be treated.  Colin’s empathy and true desire to help people helps him do great work. I appreciate his commitment to continuous learning and the research that he does outside of his clinic commitments; he is also happy to share his research with you. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Colin to anyone who is in need of a great therapist.


When you spend years in pain you forget how good you felt before the pain started. After only 3 sessions, Colin has made me feel better than I have in years. The severe pain I had in my neck from a car accident hasn’t given me any issues since my first visit with him. I’m also waiting for a knee replacement and was in constant pain which caused me to have difficulty walking. Colin has taken away the majority of the pain and now I’m back going for daily walks! If you are serious about feeling better I highly recommend going to him.

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