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About Colin

I love to fix people!
photo of Colin Ligget
Colin Liggett, RMT

For years I’ve been obsessed with how the nervous system can be manipulated to remove pain and enhance performance. After obtaining the Level 3 (highest certification) master certification in Neurokinetic Therapy®, I further attended many neuromuscular orientated courses, read every book under the sun related to movement and neurology, and dedicated years to blending this knowledge into my own form of treatment. 

Sensory Motor Repatterning Therapy is my own creation, it is the result of years of dedicated experimentation. I’ve applied SMR to professional athletes, chronic pain sufferers, complex neurological disorders, and weekend warriors. It has proven time and time again to be incredibly powerful in its ability to fix chronic complex issues and optimize performance. If you're not getting a feel for my passion from reading this just wait until you have a session with me.


I always approach my treatment from a neurological/movement perspective. It’s a very interactive process, don’t plan on falling asleep, because you won’t! But you will learn a lot about how your body functions and you're likely to be blown away by the effectiveness of SMR. My practice is all about looking at you as one functional system, doing the appropriate testing to identify where your issues originate from then showing the nervous system how to correct itself. You might have shoulder pain, but don’t be surprised if we end up treating your neck, diaphragm, ankle, etc.


If you're an athlete, you're going to love this "software" approach, as it will take your performance to the next level. What I find cool about working with athletes is they have keen body awareness. During the first session, you're likely to be in awe of the compensations we have identified and fixed. But by the third session, you're going to be arriving with suggestions of where your weaknesses are and what you think is compensating for them, and you’ll likely be right. Sessions become a collaboration with the goal of optimal performance. Nothing makes me happier than to have you come back the following session with a personal best story to tell.

If you are not an athlete, don't let the pictures of fit people on this website frighten you away. I treat many non-athletes and can work wonders with complex chronic pain cases that other practitioners haven't been able to figure out. Here's an example I'm especially proud of... I am the first person worldwide to have completely resolved chronic phantom pain within two sessions. Sometimes getting better isn't as complicated as it seems, you just have to find the right practitioner and the right therapy.


My family of three moved from Vancouver to Ottawa in 2016, we grew to a family of five and due to our love of the North Shore and some family connections in the area, we decided to move back out west in 2022. We are excited to reconnect with old friends and play in the mountains.


I’m originally from Lisburn, just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. I still have a slight accent but for the most part, it isn’t anything close to how I sounded in 1999 when I first stepped off the plane in Vancouver. I hope to meet you in my treatment studio, we will have fun, fix old issues, and bring you closer to your fitness/health goals.

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